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"FACE CONSTRUCTED II" How to Paint Portraits and Faces.

PRODUCT FEATURE : (Instant Download!)

Over 3 hours of Video tutorials, included 14 Chapters PLUS! 3 additional EXPANSION chapters .
Full Length Video tutorial on How to construct and paint 4 different female faces. In Depth & Intuitive!
High Resolution (approx: 1280 x 720) Video Media files.
Working with layers, tools, and brushes walk through using Photoshop as a painting tool.
Revealing Methods & Techniques that could not be shown in my free tutorials.
PLUS! Bonus Download an accompanied E-BOOK of Still Images (step-by step) in PDF.
PLUS more! Bonus Chapter #14 thought and painting theory on different skintone variation.
Additional Bonus Tons of Photoshop Custom Brushes.

I Front View Portrait Painting
01) Color palette explain in depth.
02) Establishing lines and blocking in values.
03) Skintones and color temporatures.
04) Painting face using color combination, balance cool and warm.
05) Painting hair and finishing up a portrait
II Profile Portrait Painting
06) Drawing and blocking in values.
07) Establishing skintone and values.
08) Balancing cool and warm, blending, soft edges and hard edges.
09) Painting dark hair and finishing up.

III Three Quarter View Portrait painting
10) Establishing construction lines and base colors.
11) Arranging features, shapes and forms. Also dealing with light hair (blond)
12) Blocking in, arranging colors and values, using soft edges and hard edges, blending.
13) Painting hair and finishing up the portrait.
14) How to paint skintone variations.
15) Lines, Shapes, and Values.
17) Simplify and Finish Up.

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